Saturday, January 24, 2015

Georgian wines make Forbes list: a 'Voice of America's video

24.01.2015 (Hvino News). Earlier this month Hvino News reported that American Forbes Magazine for the first time included the Georgian wines in its top wines list: See "Forbes" includes Georgian wines in its "9 Best Wines and Spirits to Start Drinking in 2015" (By the way, that article became the most-read post published by Hvino News ever).

This theme's popularity is growing even stronger as Voice of America has now posted a video entitled Georgian Wines Make Forbes List of 'Best to Drink in 2015'. 

The attached text by Maia Kay reads:
Forbes Magazine has named Georgian wines as one of the "nine best wines and spirits to start drinking in 2015" — a list that also includes several fine liqueurs and a number of other wine varieties. A number of Washington-area liquor stores and restaurants say Georgian wines are being well-received by consumers in the U.S. capital. 
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