Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ministry of Agriculture does not confirm a decline of Georgian wine export to Russia

31.01.2015. This is an interview with Nodar Kereselidze, deputy minister of agriculture of Georgia.

Do you have information about reduction of Georgian wine exports to Russia? Do you plan to render any assistance to winemakers?

On the official level, we did not receive any information about the presence of any obstacles in the export of Georgian wine to Russia. If specific companies have any difficulties associated with fluctuations in the ruble exchange rate, unfortunately, our government agencies will not be able to affect them.

Wine companies also talk about such problems. According to them, due to the devaluation of the ruble, in January they had serious problems with the export of products to Russia. Do you know anything about this?

Everyone knows Russia's current difficult economic situation, accordingly, we use all our capabilities in order to help our winemakers to diversify markets. For example, we recently took part in a very big wine exhibition in Berlin. Our goal is to bring our producers closer to European markets.

We encourage producers to participate in such exhibitions. We are active in China, Poland, and other countries, and this is done in order to minimize the dependence of our exporters from Russia.

Russian and European markets were opened almost simultaneously, but our businessmen have chosen the easy way and began to cooperate with Russia. Did not this lead to the fact that the Georgian businessmen will prefer Russian market?

Now our main task is to bring our legislation to the European standards, and while this is not done, the export of certain goods to Europe will be impossible, since they do not meet EU standards. This work has already begun.

When all conditions are met, believe me that all our businessmen will focus on the European market as it is stable and profitable. Business goes where incomes are higher, and the Russian market will not be a hindrance.

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