Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Exports of Georgian wine fell down by 58% in January-April

06.05.2015. In January-April 2015 the export of Georgian wine to 26 countries has decreased in comparison with the same period in 2014 by 58% and amounted to 7.9 million bottles.

The decline in exports is still associated with the economic crisis in two major countries importing Georgian wine – Russia (decline in exports by 76%) and Ukraine (57%). At the same time, exports increased to countries such as China (+ 87%), Belarus (27%), Japan (9), Canada (250), Britain (+ 79%), Estonia (+ 16%), Poland (+ 7%), Germany (+ 6%) and the USA (+ 6%). According to the National Wine Agency, April was more active in terms of exports than the first three months of 2015. In particular, in January export made 1.3 million bottles, in February – 1.5 million, in March – 2, 1 million, and in April – 2.8 million bottles.

“According to the forecasts of winemakers, in May export growth is expected as the national currency has begun to stabilize in Russia, respectively, the situation in the country is more or less stabilized”, - points out the National Wine Agency. Despite significant reduction, Russia remains the main importer of Georgian wine – in January-April exports to that country amounted to 3.2 million bottles. Followed by Kazakhstan – 1, 5 million, Ukraine – 873 516, Poland – 519 576 and China – 494 478 bottles. In January-April 2015 the export of Georgian wine amounted to 23, 4 million bottles.


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