Friday, May 29, 2015

"Wine & Spirits" tasting results: Sharp increase in number of Georgian wines

29.05.2015 (Hvino News). In its annual wine tasting, Wine & Spirits - one of wine industry's leading magazines published in USA - has included a record-braking number of Georgian wines. While in previous years not more than 1-2 Georgian wines reached W&S pages, the 2015's Year's Best East European Wines features 18 wines from Georgia.

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The highest rating (93) was reached by Vinoterra Mtsvane 2012 by Schuchmann Wines. Other wine producers featured in the tasting include Orgo, Telavi Marani, Jakeli, Wine Man, Teliani Valley, Shalvino, GWS Old Tbilisi.

All Georgian wines are marked in yellow in the scans (click to enlarge pictures).

Lisa Granik, Master of Wine, helped to present Georgian wines to the New York-based jury of  Wine & Spirits. "My own involvement here was ensuring that as many [Georgian] wines as possible were represented - they only review wines that are available on the US market; I also helped put the wines in the appropriate categories, since the staff was unfamiliar with which wines might be semi-sweet, or qvevri-produced, etc.", - explained Ms. Granik to Hvino News. She pointed out that Wine & Spirits has become an increasingly important wine magazine in the United States.

Founded in 1982, Wine & Spirits is published eight times a year and read by over 200,000 members of wine community. Wine & Spirits evaluates more than 13,000 bottlings every year.

All wine evaluations are conducted under controlled, blind conditions, the wines served in numbered glasses. The wines were rated and described by an individual critic. Wines from 80 to 85 are recommended as good examples of their variety or region. Wines from 86 to 89 are highly recommended; from 90 to 94 are exceptional examples of their type; and 95 or higher are superlative, rare finds.

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