Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eniseli Wines Baraka Kakheti 2007

09.07.2013. Finally emptied my fridge of all my white wines in anticipation of the Finger Lakes Wine Festival this weekend.  There I will stock up on many of my favorite white wines and Rosé wines for the remaining summer months.

Tonight I grilled up some ka-bobs and opened a Republic of Georgia red wine that had been sitting in the fridge for close to seven months.  The wine was 100% Saperavi, a grape that a few Finger Lakes wineries are doing a magnificent job with, but Georgia is the homeland of this dark grape. I purchased this bottle at the PLCB store in the Berkshire mall in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.  I like visiting that store because of the quality of selections and the knowledge of the staff, especially in the wine section.  Different wines are always suggested based on my wine preferences and I have not been let down yet.  Whether these stores remain public or private is now in their State Assembly, but I would hate to see changes in the personnel at this store. The wine: Eniseli Wines Baraka Kakheti 2007 ($12)

Eniseli Wines is relatively new on the market.  Established in 2007, they own 8 hectares of old vine Saperavi along with 6 hectares of new vines near the village of Enseli in the Kakheti region of Georgia.  The company also owns 22 hectares of Saperavi on the slopes in Segaani in the Gurjaani district of Kakheti.

Baraka means abundance in Georgian.  The wine is made from the Saperavi grapes hand-picked in the village of Eniseli, Kakehti region of Georgia.

Aromas were a little funky at first.  I got lots of prune with small hints of chocolate.  After a short time there appeared some blackberry and elderberry with hints of currant and some black cherry.  In the mouth, the wine was very dry.  Some fruit, nice acidity, but a bit bitter or tart with robust tannins.  Finish was short to medium and very dry with some dark fruit. Should have kept this one for a few years, but I have a difficult time doing that. The wine paired OK with the chicken and was excellent with dark chocolate wafers later that night.  The price is amazingly low at $12 and the wine should age nicely and that is why I will Highly Recommend.


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