Monday, July 8, 2013

Borjomi to sell 30 million bottles in Russia by the end of 2013

08.07.2013. (Hvino News). Borjomi plans to sell 30 million bottles of mineral water in Russia by the end of 2013. If  Borjomi is able to sell 30 million bottles, it will reach one-third of annual sales for 7 month period before the embargo.

The most famous Georgian mineral water resumed sales in Russia in May this year. The products have already appeared in St. Petersburg and Moscow  retail chains. In the near future it will be supplied to other Russian cities.

Borjomi appeared in Russia with the revised design, and in four options of packaging: 0.33-liter glass bottle, 0.5-liter bottle and 0.75 liter plastic bottle.

According to Borjomi exclusive distributor, IDS Borjomi Russia's director Alexander Zhdanov, their goal is to become a leader in the Russian market and to take  at least 15% of the market in 3 years.

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