Friday, July 26, 2013

Hvino.com to introduce club membership for advertisers

Introducing Hvino Privilege Club membership - up to 75% discounts!

At Hvino.com we do our best to make our service useful and cost-efficient for our partners. Our latest and revolutionary improvement is Hvino Privilege Club membership.

Why we call this a revolutionary progress? We had a complicated system of advertising rates and % discounts to go with various banner sizes and campaign duration. This is over now.The Club member can freely place as many banners as he wants, for any duration.

So, Hvino's partners have complete freedom and flexibility for all advertising needs. And no need for contracts and separate payments and calculations.

All that is required is single, one-time, flat membership fee. The special introductory fee is just 1000 GEL (plus 28% Georgian taxes) for 6 months membership, with unlimited advertising at all 3 Hvino sites.

Is this profitable? Let's see. Currently, single banner for 6 months costs 1014 US$. For a club member it's 600 US$ (1000 GEL). And club member can place 3 such banners (usual price over 3000 US$), still for 600 US$! So, the savings are really huge - up to 75%!

Can one receive even more benefit? The answers is yes!  Our Club member can cut his expense by 50%, simply by bringing a new member to the Club. If another company joins the Club through your reference, your 6-month membership is automatically extended for another 6 months absolutely free.  So, you enjoy all privileges during 12 months at no additional pay. 

To activate your Hvino Privilege Club membership, just email us and give us your instructions regarding your banners. We place them immediately as we receive your membership fee. And don't forget to bring in your friends and get 6 months of free membership. More about advertising with Hvino is here.

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