Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Marniskari exported 50 thousand bottles of wine to Russia

02.07.2013.  (Hvino News) After Dugladze Wine House, which was the first Georgian producer to export wine to Russia after lifting embargo,  Marniskari company talks about increased demand on Russian market.

Marniskari's director Mr. Lasha Revazishvili told Georgian radio that 50 thousand bottles of wine were sent to Russian market, and the company has already received additional orders for the next week.

According to Mr. Revazishvili, Marniskari already partners with six Russian distribution companies, but more distribution companies expressed their  interest in company's products. Mr. Revazishvili noted  that the company plans to export one million bottles of wine to Russian market. Besides Moscow, the wine will be sold in four other Russian cities.

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