Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chateau Mukhrani presents Reserve Du Prince wines

06.07.2013. The Chateau Mukhrani wine company held a presentation of Reserve Du Prince wines of Saperavi 2007 and Guruli Mtsvane 2010 at their wine studio on 6 Samghebro St.

Considered to be the most noble and exclusive wines, Reserve Du Prince received the recognition of leading experts at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, the most prestigious wine competition in the world.

“We received the gold medal for our Rkatsiteli white wine and the grand gold medal for the Reserve Du Prince Saperavi 2007,” says Petter Svaetichin, Director and CEO of Chateau Mukhrani.

Saperavi has all the noble characteristics which make it one of the world’s most outstanding reds. With a well textured and harmoniously balanced palate of mulberry, blackberry and cherry, the wine offers a joint sensation. The wine goes great with red meat fried, grilled or stewed with spices and with matured cheese of different types.

Guruli Mtsvane is Georgia’s unique white variety, and is a refreshing wine with a rich, enduring and bountiful taste, leaving an almost piquant and memorable sensation. Guruli Mtsvane is best enjoyed with poultry, fish and vegetable salads.

“Those wines are very distinguishable due to its specificity,” says Alekhsi Baduashvili, a wine consultant at Chateau Mukhrani. “Those wines have a different taste and strength because they are created according to two very important facts in winemaking – we used Georgian traditional methods like wild fermentation and the European method aged in oak,” explained Baduashvili. He added that in regard to Guruli Mtsvane, barrels from Georgian oak were used which gives it additional taste, while the Saperavi was kept in Georgian, American and French oak barrels.

Additionally, the Chateau Mukhrani wine studio reopened its summer cafe, where guests can taste premium class wines accompanied with unique types of Georgian cheese, purchase various wines and learn more about winemaking traditions.


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