Sunday, May 11, 2014

Schuchmann Wines to reduce exports to Russia

11.05.2014. Schuchmann Wines will reduce  export to Russian market next year. Nutsa Abramishvili, general director of the joint German-Georgian wine company  explains this decision by the diversification of business and says the company must not depend on the market of any  country, especially when there are some risk factors, including  the political situation or the embargo experiences.

Starting from 2015 Schuchmann Wines  policy will cover several stable markets, where products will be exported in almost equal quantities and sales will be increased.

"We want to become more active in  China, Europe, Americas, however, our products are sold in several U.S. states. Schuchmann Wines  is also represented in Cyprus, Greece, Australia, Germany, Austria. We are the only company from Georgia selling wines in France. We also cover post-Soviet countries, including Ukraine", - says the head of the company.

As for the situation in the Russian market, Abramishvili notes that the situation in Russia  is stable in terms of export and sale of products, and the company has  no problems in this regard, however, adds that the Russian market was still a private project for  Schuchmann Wines,  and the company focuses on diversification and export expansion of export destinations.

In her words, 30% of the company's products are represented on the Russian market. Schuchmann Wines  manufacture   more than 20 types of premium class wine.


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