Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First wine bar to be opened in Georgia

15.05.2014. The first wine bar will be opened in Georgia. "Schuchmann Wine Bar" will be located in old Tbilisi, in the historical building of Karvasla (Karvasla shopping mall), and will start functioning in June.

The bar is owned by the German-Georgian wine company Schuchmann Wines which plans to sell the project, as a brand, abroad.

The company's general director Nutsa Abramishvili said  the bar will be designed mainly for foreigners and its purpose is to acquaint tourists with Georgian wine culture and traditions.

She notes that wine tasting will be held in the bar, sommeliers will tell the guests about winemaking  in Georgia and in general, about the history of wine.

Abramishvili is sure that the selling of brand will contribute significantly to awareness of the Georgian wine abroad. She noted that gastronomy and small pizzerias brought the world fame to the Italian wine.

The company wishes “Schuchmann Wine Bar" becomes a business card of Georgian winemaking and gastronomy. As for the prices, Abramishvili adds that the prices in the bar will be above average.


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