Saturday, May 10, 2014

Export growth to Russia caused wine price rise in the Georgian market

10.05.2014.  Large-scale export growth to Russia has led to wine price hike in the local market, writes the Georgian daily Rezonansi. According to the newspaper, family wine of local production became more expensive by 30-50%, and one liter of wine costs on average 4-5 GEL, while in some cases cost reaches 12-17 GEL.

Winemakers say that the family wine supplies expired in the regions and some factories face serious wine shortfalls.

Entrepreneur Otar Berdzenishvili notes that, compared with last year, the family wine price has almost doubled in regions.  According to him, price of  Kakhetian family wine of high quality is on average 4-5 GEL. Last year at this time it costed 2.5-3 GEL.

Price of  family wine has  changed in  Kartli region as well.  Family wine price ranges between 2.5- 5 GEL in the consumer markets. In the same period of the previous year one liter of family wine varied between 2- 3 GEL.


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