Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lanslide: Georgian wine companies looking for alternative routes

29.05.2014. Georgian wine companies are trying  to find an alternative way in order to restore  export to Russia. Due to the landslide occurred in the  Darial Gorge on May 17, the road connecting  Georgia and Russia is still closed. According to Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Telavi Wine Cellar',  the Lars customs check-point is the only way for alcoholic beverages from where the products are exported to Russia. Zurab Ramazashvili says  that at this stage there is no shortage of the company's wine in Russia thanks to wine stocks, but if the road is not open in the next week , there will be a shortage. In his words, Telavi Wine Cellar exports its products  to 22 countries and is less dependent on the Russian market .

Marniskari winery has also suspended wine export to Russia. The company's CEO explains to Georgian radio Commersant  that they are looking for  alternative routes, but containers loaded with wine are still staying in the Darial gorge and waiting for the resumption of traffic. Lasha Revazishvili notes that at this stage the company doesn’t suffer losses, but if export to Russia is not restored  in time, it will create a shortage in the market.


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