Thursday, May 8, 2014

Film director Nana Jorjadze begins shooting of 35-series documentary on Georgian wine

08.05.2014 (Hvino News). According to Georgian television, one of the best known country's film directors Nana Jorjadze has started shooting of 35 series documentary film "for the purpose of promotion of Georgian wine".  The film is supposed to become a presentation and promotional material for Georgia wine - "a business card" - for foreign as well as Georgian spectators.

The film series will be dedicated to Georgia's 8,000 years of history of wine production, wine tasting rules, major regions of Georgian viticulture and wine-production, leading varieties, other alcohol products (chacha, brandy, sparkling wine), wine cellars, wine producers and the interesting stories related to them. Separate series will be dedicated to Georgian cuisine, unique dishes and their matching with wine.

The National Museum of Georgia plays an important role in the creation of the film. The project supporters are the Georgian Wine Association, Association of Sommeliers, and the Center of an Intellectual Property “Sakpatenti”. Tamar Bartaia is the author of the script. Georgian television showed a press conference with Nana Jorjadze and other project leaders.

Nana Jorjadze directed several films including including 1996's "A Chef in Love", which became the first, and so far the only Oscar-nominated Georgian film.

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