Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"By Invitation": review of saperavi from Winery Nika

By Simon Narracott

05.12.2012. In 2008 Nika manufactured its first production after harvesting in 2006; it was small amount of 3,200 bottles of saperavi.

This pours a deep dark red, almost black, with the strong aroma of dark fruit and heavy spices. This is a full-bodied, but smooth-tannin wine that really gives you a sense of its history and where it has come from. It is quite unlike anything you might get from France or the New World wines. A real depth of flavour leaves you with a lingering dry meal of a wine.

According to Georgian tradition, all the grapes are hand picked, and the wine is made and aged in kvevri (ceramic vessels) with spontaneous fermentation technology. The wine stays in kvevri about two years; after that it is bottled unfiltered.

The bottle is different in that the label wraps around and the pattern meets in a continuous flow. This reflects the repeating of life in the grapes, and as us as drinkers.

This is an interesting wine, probably never going to be in your top 10 but it is a wine you need to taste to get a real feel for the country. It does work perfectly if being taken alongside real Georgian cuisine.


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