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Georgian winemakers react on recent comments by Ambassador to China

12.12.2012 (Hvino News). Chinese market is profitable for Georgian wine and demand for this product is increasing there - Dmitry Lebanidze, General Director of Kindzmarauli Marani said  in response to comments made by Georgia’s Ambassador to China.

Ambassador Mamuka Gamkrelidze said it would be better if the wine makers contacted the Embassy in advance for consultation. The Ambassador  said that the wine makers participate in the exhibitions held in the cities, where the market is already full. "When you participate in Hong Kong and Shanghai exhibitions, this is wrong, the calculations must be done in the provinces, where more than a billion people live in order to sell  our wine here that will be much more profitable," – Gamkrelidze noted. For details, see: Ambassador criticizes Georgian winemakers' strategy in China

Dmitry Lebanidze said to Commersant that they take their products to Chinese provinces, and in near future Kindzmarauli Marani wines will occupy a considerable share in the market of Shanghai. The company exports 15-17% or 100 thousand bottles to China. The company plans to grow its share in China and to increase the current rate up to 300 thousand bottles.

"The Chinese market is very profitable and a strategy of the Georgian winemakers in the Chinese market is not limited only to participation in exhibitions," – Lebanidze noted. He adds that a price of Georgian wine in China starts from 3 USD.

After the election victory, "Georgian Dream" coalition leader Bidzina Ivanishvili met with businessmen and, along with others problems, spoke about  wine export. Ivanishvili said that the new government would enable business to enter  new markets. In his words,  the previous government opened the Chinese market where wine consumption is minimal. "The government opened the Chinese market, while the Chinese do not drink wine," - said Ivanishvili. He added, after "Georgian Dream’s" coming to power, companies will be represented both  in  the European and Russian markets.

Tbilvino's CEO Giorgi Margvelashvili states  their strategy in China has succeeded, and the main sales markets are  big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, where the sales rate is increasing from year to year.

Margvelashvili noted they entered Chinese market in 2010 and managed to sell 30 thousand bottles, this year  5% of export comes on China and sales rate exceeded 150 thousand bottles.

Overall, Margvelashvili informs that, as per the data of  11 months of the current year, wine export to China exceeds one million  bottles.

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