Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tbilvino and Teliani have not yet applied for permit to Russian market

01.12.2012 (Hvino News) Some of the largest Georgian wine companies say they have not yet applied for Russia's certification request. Tbilvino's  director Giorgi Margvelashvili  said that they are waiting for  the agreement of official structures  and only then will  apply to the Russian side.

Teliani Valley has neither applied to the Russian side. The company's CEO explained that everyone talks   about the opening of the Russian market, but in reality none of the wine companies knows how to approach the Russian side. Shota Khobelia notes the company is waiting for inspection, and  if there is an opportunity it will apply to the Russian side for certification, reported Commersant.

At the same time, wine company Badagoni has already started certification process in Russia and expects the issue to be resolved in the spring (see: Badagoni entering Russia).

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