Sunday, December 2, 2012

Georgian wines in Australia

02.12.2012. We found an interesting post by blogger Raffaele Mastrovincenzo about Georgian wines found in Melbourne, Australia. Parts from his article follow.

Lately I have been living in Melbourne -  an amazing town, full of nice small places to eat and drink. I have noticed in the bench of wine bars and in wine lists there is attention to "natural wines" or, in my way, artisan wines.

In my excursion I had the chance to try lots of nice stuff. One of that is a Georgian wine, lately imported to Australia. Georgia is the country where the wine is born, in-fact the wine born eight thousand years ago, and perhaps the first wine produced was in a region overlooking the Black sea, which the Greeks called Colchis -  what we call today Georgia. Caucasian republic is an extraordinary reserve with dozen of species and  different varieties of wines.Georgia boasts an ancient culture of wine.

The wine I tried was from Pheasant's Tears. All the wines are aged in qvevri. The grapes variety was saperavi from 2007. The wine was dark and concentrated in color with a really  smooth tannin and lifted by a nice spine of acidity showing an interesting aging, remarkable I would say! The notes where all towards secondary characteristic, less fruit was involved in the nose, displayed lots of earthy flavor and leather... I guess for the long time the juice spend with the skin contact and any controlled temperature and of course inoculated yeast; which normally is helping in the process of vinification to lift the aroma and fruitiness. Overall i did like the drinkability of the wine which I'm looking often in wine.

Recommend to try as well: Prince Makashvili's Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli Grand Cru Tsarapi, Iago Bitarishvili's Chardakhi, Tamazi Natroshvili's Rkaziteli Cru Kelmetshuri.


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