Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last year net profit of Teliani Valley increased by 65,5%

30.04.2014. Acceding to financial report of the company, in 2013 net profit of Teliani Valley equaled to 2,521 million GEL, in 2013 this data was 1,523 million GEL.

According to the same report, last year the company's revenue rom sales was 34,95 million, which is 5,8 million more than in 2012. Total profit from sales was 17,17 million GEL. It's noteworthy that amount exceeded to 3,4 million GEL before taxation. Respectively, the company paid 903 thousand GEL as a profit tax in the budget.

It's noteworthy that during last year actives of Teliani Valley increased by 9,2 million GEL and exceeded to 38 million.


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