Monday, April 28, 2014

Burkhard Schuchmann on doing business in Georgia

28.04.2014. “When I first began it was not an easy time to start an agro business in Georgia, especially wine production,” says Burkhard Schuchmann, founder of Schuchmann Wines. “This was in the shock period following the Russian Embargo in 2006, but in the long run the challenge became a positive for Georgian wine producers and the wine sector as a whole. The diversification of markets and penetration in the global wine world was for Georgia the greatest achievement and success, and which still continues today. We all, our competitors as well as actors in the Georgian wine sector, should come together in pursuing the same idea and compete with world wines, establish and promote the country’s identity and the exclusiveness of Georgian wine. The Government has implemented a very interesting and effective project to support agro businesses and production.”

“Schuchmann Wines Georgia was the beneficiary of an agricultural cheap loan project and based on our example we have significantly increased our production. Also, what is very important and valuable is that Georgian wine producers have become very active on international markets towards global society, which will increase awareness of Georgian wine greatly. 2014 was a very successful year for the agriculture sector in Georgia, the ongoing trend is promising and this is one of the most interesting developing sectors in the Georgian economy,” he said.

“In Georgia, wine has its own philosophy, approach and method of production and wine aging. It is these golden recipes and rules which make Georgian wine unique and exclusive. This conclusion is based on the example of Schuchmann Wines - our wines are sold successfully in Western and Eastern Europe, in the Baltic countries, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia,” he said.

“Schuchmann Wines are sold in France as well. This is a unique case, as there was never any history of exporting Georgian wines to France before; wine producers tend to avoid exporting wines to those countries which are big wine producers themselves and exporters at the same time. That was quite a bold decision on our part therefore, but we can say that our wine has been quite liked by French consumers. This is an achievement not only for our company, but also for Georgia as a whole.”

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