Thursday, April 10, 2014

ICC Georgia Youth participates in seminar of volunteerism and social responsibility held by Helping Hand

10.04.2014. On April 8 at Tbilisi State University Non-profit organization Helping Hand  Executive Manager Tinatin Meskhi held a seminar for the ICC Youth in Volunteerism and Social Responsibility. The seminar was very interactive and students participated in a workshop "I am a citizen".  A guest speaker from Helping Hand and a Peace Corps volunteer from the United States, Egle Vilkelite, shared her thoughts about being a volunteer.  Specifically, she discussed the advantages she has gained from being involved in many international and cultural activities. The seminar also provided  more information to the Youth about the importance of citizenship and that being a volunteer is a cultural attitude each person should share.  ICC Georgia offers its thanks and gratitude to Helping Hand for conducting the event and spreading such an important message.

ICC press release
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