Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Russian importers to order excise stamps for Georgian wine

09.04.2013 (Hvino News). Russian wine importers are preparing for work with Georgian products: this week they will order excise stamps. According to the head of the Russian consumer protection watchdog Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko, the Georgian producers were given the opportunity to supply their wines to the Russian market this week.

So far 40 kinds of wine of only two companies (Kindzmarauli Marani and Dugladze Wine House) have been registered.

Russian importers of alcohol are already preparing for the delivery of wine from Georgia. For example, MoRo company  from Moscow says that they will send an application for excise stamps for Georgian products this week. The first batch of excise stamps will make 100-150 thousand. During the first month, the company expects to receive 30-50 vehicles of Georgian wine. Each vehicle holds 18 thousand bottles.

The company Bastion - Neva from St. Petersburg  hopes to get 100-120 thousand bottles per month. Supplies will start in May.

Alexander Trushin, director general of ILS, one of the largest Russia's wine importers,  is in no hurry to make an order for excise stamps because he says that it is not yet clear on which customs terminal products will be processed. Gennady Onishchenko notes that this is likely to happen on one of Moscow Region terminals from which Moldovan wines enter the Russian market.

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