Thursday, April 11, 2013

Director of "Kindzmarauli Marani": in late April - early May Georgian wine will become available in Russia

11.04.2013. In the end of April or beginning of May the wines by Kindzmarauli Marani will be sold in Russia, according to director Dmitry Lebanidze. In his interview to Caucasian Knot, Mr. Lebanidze said that till the end of this year about 500,000 bottles of wine will be exported to Russia,

According to the director, this wine will cost 6-15 dollars and up per bottle.

Presently, the assortment of Kindzmarauli Marani includes 23 wine names, of which the white and red dry names Tsarskoye Kakheti, as well as the natural semi-sweet Kindzmarauli Original, are the brands of the company.

Levan Davitashvili, head of the National Wine Agency of Georgia, said: "As far as I know, after the companies Kindzmarauli Marani and Wine House Dugladze, the company Alaverdi has also completed the registration process."

However, Zaza Bezhashvili, director of the Alaverdi, could not yet specify to the Caucasian Knot, how many bottles and within what time frame will be exported to Russia.


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