Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Marketing in Russia: Georgian wine should not return to the Russian market with "old historic hopes"

02.04.2013. Is it necessary for Georgian wine to hold marketing activities to achieve success in the Russian market? Georgian wine companies have already started to think about some marketing activities.

As Marani Khetsuriani's director Shalva Khetsuriani says, marketing activities are  essential due to the fact that along with nostalgia towards Georgian wines, a skeptical attitude towards the  products is also observed in Russia.

"Big efforts will be needed to return to the Russian market and conduct marketing activities. During a period when the Georgian wine was not sold in  the Russian market, it  has gained a new customer who is not familiar with Georgian wine, "- Khetsuriani notes.

In his words, the company has already started to work on this issue and they have already prepared a list of 50 marketing activities that are to be conducted in the Russian market.

However, as Khetsuriani notes,  not only the Russian market requires marketing activities today and  Georgian wine-makers should not leave other markets, namely the European, American and Asian countries.

TMG Marketing's director Niko Tevdorashvili says that Georgian companies have not applied to them yet and this is logical, because as a rule, abroad they should use the services of the  local marketing companies due to the fact that they know exactly the needs of local customers.

Tevdorashvili claims that Georgian wine should not return to the Russian market with "the old hopes" because after the ban, foreign wines in supermarkets and store shelves have replaced Georgian wine.

“Some time will be needed to restore the lost positions, while those companies that realize the importance of marketing activities, will be able to turn  the Russian market into  gainful and very lucrative source, "- Tevdorashvili adds.


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