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Georgian minister of agriculture predicts 25% increase in wine export

24.04.2013 (Hvino News). The Georgian Agriculture Ministry predicts an increase in wine export by 20-25 percent with the opening of the Russian market. "Supposedly we shall export 7-10 million bottles of wine this year," Georgian Minister of Agriculture David Kirvalidze said at the press conference.

According to Kirvalidze, as a result of two inspections of the Russian consumer watchdog, 65 wine companies and two mineral water producing companies received positive estimates. Kirvalidze further said that according to the data for today, seven Georgian companies have already registered the production in the Russian sanitary service, and this process continues. "The export of the first party will already be possible in the near future."

Kirvalidze also noted that the negotiations held in Moscow on April 1 on the export of Georgian agricultural production in Russia were successful. "An agreement in principle has already been reached. Both Georgian and Russian experts continue to work over technical regulations. This process will soon come to the end, and step by step the Georgian fruit and vegetables will be entered the Russian market," Kirvalidze stressed.

Meanwhile, the Georgian Borjomi mineral water received the registration certificate in Russia. Zaza Kikvadze, general director of IDS Borjomi Georgia  expressed his satisfaction with the returning to the Russian market, considering it as a promising one.

Kirvalidze earlier said that the exports of the Georgian agricultural products to the Russian market would be implemented in phases.

The first phase of the inspection by Rospotrebnadzor took place in Georgia from February 25 to March 1. According to the results, 36 alcohol companies and four manufacturers of mineral water were able to register their products for sale in Russia. The second phase of inspection was held on April 2-5, when the Rospotrebnadzor experts checked the rest 35 companies willing to export to Russia.

Georgia broke off diplomatic relations with Russia after their August 2008 war over the breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Georgia lost one-fifth of its territory after the two republics broke away. Georgia announced the two unrecognized republics as occupied territories in September 2008.

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