Friday, August 18, 2017

Saperavi World Prize updates: Georgian winemakers participation discussed; Embassies support SapPrize and more USA contestants join

18.08.2017 (Hvino News). The Saperavi World Prize (SapPrize) international wine contest being organized by Hvino News is gaining momentum. Here is a summary of recent updates of SapPrize project:

Participation of Georgian winemakers in SapPrize

Answering a question of  American wine blogger, SapPrize project manager Inge Olsson explained the reason why SapPrize is open to foreign winemakers only: “The small country of Georgia has over 300 wineries, and nearly all of them use Saperavi. Since our contest entry is free, we could have got hundreds of samples from Georgian producers, so few foreign entries would be outnumbered".

"Their chances of winning would be very low, and we were worried that next year the foreign winemakers would lose interest in participation, and contest would become just another national one, not international as intended. SapPrize's aim is to help the international growers of Saperavi, and to develop their communication with Georgia, not to position Georgia as a rival”, - noted Inge. Read more here.

“Now that you explained the logic it makes perfect sense. I agree keeping the international competition entirely international is the correct decision for all involved”, - commented the blog’s author from Pennsylvania, USA.

Inge Olsson further commented the question of Georgian winemakers participation in SapPrize: “This is very important question, as we are receiving requests from Georgian companies.  Georgian brands cannot enter SapPrize, but because they are not competing they are allowed to use it for advertising, as sponsors. We do understand that Georgian and foreign winemakers want to compete  directly, and we are working to solve this. Our proposal is to grant entry to one of national Georgian contests to the prize-winners of SapPrize. This is under discussion, as depends on the organizers of national contests. All proposals from Georgian wine community welcome!”

Embassies support SapPrize

Saperavi World Prize has received official letters of support from two Georgian Embassies: Embassy to Australia in Canberra, and Embassy to USA in Washington. "It is a great advertisement strategy. We are fully supporting this initiative and willing to provide any assistance, if necessary" - pointed out the Georgian diplomatic representatives in connection with Saperavi World Prize. 

SapPrize organizers commented: “We are very thankful for this support and encouragement from the representatives of Georgian Foreign Ministry. In the current list of SapPrize participants, the major part of winemakers are from Australia and USA (see Participants section)

More USA contestants join in 

Finally, SapPrize is happy to welcome three news contestants from USA, who joined last week: Château Niagara, Fero Vineyards, and McGregor Vineyard, which is the oldest commercial producer of Saperavi wines in the United States.

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