Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Wine Thieves" steal new ways to market Georgian wines

09.02.2017 (Hvino News). Wines under brand Wine Thieves showed up on the shelves just months ago but already gained considerable attention thanks to questionable label designs.

The label for saperavi with nude female figure is based on design by British artist Owen Gent.

“When we created this label, society was quite irritated. The author of "nude" label is a famous British artist who collaborated with Vogue and other famous magazines. We purchased the right to use his design", - said the founder of the company, Avtandil Kobakhidze.

Our name is “Wine Thieves” but we are not real thieves. We bring to the market natural wines from different family cellars”- commented Mr. Kobakhidze. Currently Wine Thieves offer 4 types of wine: Saperavi, Tsolikauri, Rkatsiteli and Chinuri.

This year, the company is planning to add more kinds of wine. Their labels will be "funny too", according to the company's head.

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