Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Georgian qvevri wine gains success in France

08.02.2017 (Hvino News). With National Wine Agency's support, Georgian qvevri wine presentations and tastings were held in the cities of France.  French wine professionals had the opportunity to discover and taste wines of six Georgian natural wine producers: Nikoladze Cellar, Antadze Cellar, Pheasant's Tears, Okro's Wines, Iago's Wine, Kortavebi Wine Cellar.

Qvevri wine was introduced at the tastings organized  in Toulouse and Lyon. For the sixth time Georgian wine companies participated in the traditional fairs in Angers (Les Penitentes) and Somuri (La Dive Bouteille).

Head of NWA Giorgi Samanishvili said: «Qvevri wine is exported by Georgia to every direction, though it is specially approved in the traditional wine consumer countries such as France, Italy etc. Despite of the fact, that qvevri wine part in total wine export is not big, this is outstanding wine and known to everybody, who knows Georgian viticulture and wine-making culture and history. Qvevri wine is  a kind of a business card for us to make Georgian wine more famous. Introduction of  wine in France means popularisation of Georgian qvevri wine on every important market worldwide».

As a participant of the fair, Georgian wine-maker Iago Bitarishvili noted, that  interest towards qvevri wine was traditionally great this year. Georgian wine-makers state, that in the previous years participation in the fairs mentioned above has brought considerable importers.

«Interest towards qvevri wine this year was even greater, especially at the tastings in Toulouse and Lyon. In this south part of France, qvevri wine is successfully sold and these tastings will promote further growth of publicity of our  wine. Also, great interest was expressed towards qvevri wines at the fairs - Les Penitentes and La Dive Bouteille. In this period, wine producers, importers, writers gather here; also, new contracts were signed» - he mentioned.

36 thousand bottles of Georgian wine were exported to France in 2016; as of January 2017, already 13 thousand bottles were exported, according to NWA.

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