Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Found a Saperavi in Portland

by Terry Sullivan

26.11.2013. In another grocer store in Portland, I discovered another wine from Georgia. Fred Meyer had a 2007 Saperavi from Mildiani Family Winery. Upon further investigation of the back label, I noticed the wine was produced by Tsinindali Old Cellar. The wine was a dark purple color with a dark ruby rim. There was black fruit and oak influences on the aroma. The taste was complex and changed as the wine was in the glass. On the fruit side there was black berries, plum and cassis. On the woody side there was leather and a touch of smoke. The wine is more acidic than people may be use to for a red. The wine should be drunk with food, as we did, a Quinoa and Black Bean Salad.

Saperavi is an old grape, indigenous to Georgia, the birthplace of wine. The grape is used to make European-styled wines as well as traditional Kekheti wine made in a qvevri. Saperavi is the predominant red grape in Georgia; however, many Georgians refer to the grape as a black grape since the wines are often dark purple to black in color. The price point for this 2007 Saperavi from Mildiani Family Winery was under $10 at Fred Meyer. At that price, it is easy to give the wine a try.

We have also come across wines made with Saperavi at McGregor Vineyard and Winery Dundee, New York. While in Georgia we had many wines made from the varietal Saperavi. The ones we enjoyed the most were made in qvevri. We tasted a few Saperavi made in qvevri that I could easily drink with dinner instead of Caymus Special Select or Shafer Hillside Select. They are quite a value if you can find them.


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