Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Head of Telavi Wine Cellar announced company's priorities

30.01.2018 (Hvino News). Zurab Ramazashvili, the head of Telavi Wine Cellar company, has shared some of his company's business directions in a recent interview to Georgian news site Business Media.

Company will grow vineyards on 35 hectares in the micro-zone of Napareuli in Kakheti. “This is a historically well-known micro-zone where we receive a very good quality wine, white and red. We will do this with new technologies and new knowledge...We want to use innovative ideas considering specific soil and climate conditions,”- Zurab Ramazashvili said.

The company owns 330 hectares of vineyards in Kakheti, 300 of them with automatic irrigation systems. “This is an electronic system that often determines the quantity of water that the vineyard needs and then informs about it, after which operator will decide how much water to supply. This is especially important during climatic changes “, – said Zurab Ramazashvili.

Telavi Wine Cellar also plans to develop the wine tourism direction. Zurab Ramazashvili said that special infrastructure will be arranged in Kvareli, where tourists will be able to taste wines and relax. Interesting tourism routes will be developed  for them.

“I think we will complete the wine cellar arrangement works in 2018. The technological line was finished a year ago. Wine processing equipment, logistics, storehouse complexes have been finished and now we are moving to the stage of reception of guests, and development of wine tourism. This refers to appearance of the wine cellar; the reception room and yard will be also rearranged. Outside we have already arranged a parking space in line with international standards, we will also finish a tasting hall and a special space for aged wines, where visitors will be able to taste aged wines. We are also restoring the old, historical wine cellar. This will be whole complex, where visitors will be able to actively spend the whole day”, Ramazashvili said. The project cost exceeds 1.5 million USD.

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