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There is a wine chateau in Georgia: Schuchmann Wines

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13.01.2013. We arrived at Schuchmann Wines Chateau in Kisikhevi, Telavi just at dusk, after a long bus ride from Tbilisi. It was so wonderful to pull into the parking lot and to be met by the winemaker, Georgi Dakishvili. After a tour of the qvevri room we did a wine tasting. Qvevri (kvevri) wine making is a traditional wine making process used in Georgia. What is unique to this wine making process is the use of a large earthenware vessel (qvevri) in which the wine is made. This natural wine making process involves the use of large clay pots, lined with beeswax that is buried in the ground. Our visit to Schuchman was my first opportunity to see how qvevris are used in modern wine making.

I must admit I loved the Vinoterra wines however, my favorites were the Kisi 2011, Mtsvane 2008 and Saperavi 2009. Tim Lemke's article describes the wines we tasted at Schuchmann Wines. Lemke also notes that the wines can be purchased in the U.S. The winery is owned by German businessman Schuchman. Schuchmann Wines also has a small boutique hotel and restaurant. I can easily imagine staying there to explore more. You can check hotel reviews at Tripadvisor.

Yes, there is a Georgian wine chateau that produces some great wines. However, it is not every day that you get an opportunity to taste rich, unique wines, like Schuchmann's. Spaswinefood's trip to Georgia was a fabulous opportunity to explore the Kartli and Kakheti wine regions. An article by Harilan Wine and Spirits describes the wine regions of Georgia. Our trip was part of an #EWBC post-conference trip, sponsored by the Georgian Wine Association. A visit to Georgia is a must for hard-core wine enthusiasts. I look forward to writing about our Georgian wine experiences at Spaswinefood, or you can visit my travel column at the Examiner.

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