Sunday, January 20, 2013

It is time for Bagrationi's sparkling wine

20.01.2013. Georgia, one of the oldest producing wine regions in the world, produces a great diversity of wines, including sparkling wines. You may know that Georgia is well known for its qvevri wines. You may also know of Sarajishvili Winery's famous brandies. But, did you know that Georgia's Bagrationi Wines has been producing sparkling wines since 1882. The best known of Georgian sparkling wines is Bagrationi 1882. Bagrationi produces sparkling wines from Georgian indigenous grape varieties, such as Chinuri, Mtsvane, Tavkeri, Tsiska and Saperavi.

While Bagrationi has been producing sparkling wines since 1882 it has been relatively unknown in the US until recently. Don Winkler talks about the introduction of Bagrationi wines into the US in 2009. During a recent #EWBC post-conference trip sponsored by the Georgian Wine Association Spaswinefood had the opportunity to do a sparkling wine tasting at Bagrationi Wines in Tbilisi, Georgia.

During the visit to Bagrationi I tasted five of their sparkling wines. They were Bagrationi Rose Brut, Bagrationi Rouge Semi Sweet, Bagrationi Classic Dry, Bagrationi Reserve Brut and Bagrationi Finest Brut. Amongst my favorites was Bagrationi's Reserve Brut.

Even with the recent introduction of Bagrationi's sparkling wines in the US Market I found no shortage of reviews. For tasting notes and reviews check out articles by Scott Greenberg at Examiner, Don Winkler at i-winereview, Christopher Null at Drinkhacker, Richard Auffrey at The passionate Foodie and  Roy Tebeau at Fringe Wines. If you are looking for a sparkling wine made from exotic grapes then give Bagrationi a try. One of the best sources for Georgian wines in US is Georgian Wine House.


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