Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's official: Borjomi confirms sale of shares to Russian group

22.01.2013 (Hvino News). "IDS Borjomi” officially confirms the sale of the company’s shares according to agreement between Borjomi and Russia's "Alfa Group", signed late last year. Borjomi informs that the company's shares have been taken under the management of the new owner. However, according to Georgian radio Commersant, Borjomi does not talk about the number of shares and the selling price. Rumor about possible selling of Borjomi's shares repeatedly circulated last year.

Established in 1989, Alfa Group is one of the largest investment holdings in Russia. The group was founded in 1989 by Mikhail Fridman.  As a holding company, in the financial year 2010 Alfa Group had total assets of US$ 59,900 million, total equity of US$ 21,790 million. Its headquarters are in Moscow.

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