Monday, October 8, 2012

Vera Kobalia: "Each family has its own vineyard"

08.10.2012 (Hvino News) Vera Kobalia, acting Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, answered questions of Russian newspaper "Ведомости". In her interview published today, Ms. Kobalia touched upon the theme of Georgian wine:

- What about the wine industry in Georgia? What are the consequences of the Russian embargo after six years?

- Wine-making is a special theme. Each family has its own vineyard, and if not, they buy grapes to make their own wine, to make sure they have something to offer to their guests... The Russian market was almost the only one for us. In 2006, when Russia imposed an embargo on wine from Georgia, Russia consumed 56% of wine intended for export, so the name Onishchenko in Georgia is well known ... But at the same time only 10% of what was sold in Russia was Georgian wine. Now we can say that the embargo had only a positive impact on the country. Because it was necessary to actively enter the EU market, it was necessary to improve the quality of wine in accordance with the European standards, to work on marketing, to find consumers in Asia and even in the U.S.. The main markets are Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
and China. The result of the embargo has been the growth of sales, and the trend continues. Georgian wine exports in 2011 amounted to 19 million bottles (about 17 million liters). This is 33% more than in 2010. We expect this year's growth of 20% compared to figures in 2011 (according to the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, in 2005, Georgia exported 59 million bottles in 2006 - 19.5 million - "Vedomosti").

According to the information announced today by the "Georgia Dream" coalition, which has won the parliamentary election in Georgia, Vera Kobalia and other current members of the cabinet are not likely to preserve their ministerial positions.

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