Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marani's autumn 2012 events

Photo: Telavi Wine Cellar
10.10.2012. September and October have been quite busy not just with grape harvesting but also by frequent wine tours from different countries. Among them, the most important were tours of Marani wine distributors from Kazakhstan and Lithuania.

September 17-20, 2012:  Marani hosted 9 representatives of White Hole Almaty from Kazakhstan. The guests fully appreciated the closer look to the wine –making technologies implemented at Marani. A special wine-tasting was arranged for them at the Kindzmarauli tasting pavilion. The vintage impressed the guests a lot with the related outdoor fun and excitements. The final touch of the pleasant stay of White Hole Almaty reps in Georgia appeared the fourth day of the tour when they had a chance to admire the historical monuments in Kakheti, Tbilisi and Old city of Mtskheta.

Marani celebrated another 3 day wine tour on 1st-4th of October, 2012 for the 10 invitees from Liviko, Lithuania and treated them with a special tour around the Marani premises as well as the Marani wine tasting at Kindzmarauli tasting pavilion. The guests got eagerly involved in a traditional Kakhetian vintage and posed for cameras at Kindzmarauli vineyards. The tour ended with a sightseeing of historical monuments in Kakheti, Tbilisi and Old city of Mtskheta. The guests left Georgia in high spirits and wonderful impressions about Georgian wine and hospitality.

Marani is planning an Open Day 2012 for the Georgian Distributors by the end of October, the details of which will be revealed at a later stage. Follow Marani at Facebook to keep updated about the news with the company.

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