Thursday, October 18, 2012

Armenian wine export not to suffer from “Georgia - Cradle of Wine” brand registration

17.10.2012. Even though Georgia registers its wine in the EU under the brand “Georgia - Cradle of Wine”, Armenia’s wine export will not suffer from that, Vedi Alco wine company head Manvel Ghazaryan says.

In March 2012, the European Union registered Georgian wines under “Georgia - Cradle of Wine” brand (for details, see EU's Certificate on registration of "Cradle of Wine" trademark for Georgia). Some Armenian experts think Armenia should boycott this decision, as it influences the export of the Armenian production negatively (Read more: Armenia and Georgia disagree over slogan "Cradle of Wine").

“I don’t think it can create some obstacles for the export of the Armenian wines. We do not have such huge volumes of export to Europe so as to be concerned about this decision,” Ghazaryan said. According to him, such decision is pretty subjective.

“It is a little bit exaggeration to say that Georgia is a cradle of wine. The whole region, I mean the territory from the Caucasian mountains, can be called so. We can say that Armenia is a cradle of wine, and the Georgians may say it is Georgia. There is no need to monopolize it,” he said.

Ghazaryan added that the problem of the Armenian wines is that they are not so popular as the Georgian production. Nevertheless, according to some leading specialists, Armenian wines, such as Areni and Vernashen if not better, but are not worse than Georgian ones too.

“It means we have potential, we just need to enter new markets,” he said.

Vedi Alco CJSC unites Getap and Vedi wine factories, founded in 1938 and 1956 respectively. The company also grows grape on its own territory of 150 hectares in Aragatsotn valley and foothills of Armenia.


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