Saturday, July 21, 2012

Creation of state wine companies: terms still unknown

21.07.2012 (Hvino News) Many private wine companies are concerned about Georgian government's plans to create state wine companies. It is still unclear when such companies will be set up. In accordance with the changes to the regulation of the National Wine Agency, along with the market monitoring, the agency can establish state wine companies.

When this became known, Georgian Wines Association on behalf of the concerned winemakers from the private sector sent an official letter to the Ministry of Agriculture, where it expressed its position. Today, part of winemakers refrain from comments on this issue, while another part does not possess information about the changes in the regulations of the National Wine Agency. The chairman of  Georgian Wine Association said she has no comment, as the Ministry of Agriculture has all the information on the project.  Kommesant radio has failed to get an official comment from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The National Wine Agency is a part of  Ministry of Agriculture. This new state agency was recently established instead of former "Samtrest" - State department for vine and wine, but still has not got a director.

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