Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brandy "Sarajishvili" received gold medals and the Grand Prix

10.07.2012 (Hvino News) Brandy "Sarajishvili" received gold medals and grand prix at competition "Yalta. Golden Griffin - 2012", which was held July 1-8 in the Ukrainian city of Yalta. 200 wines and brandies from 16 countries were presented at the competition.

"Sarajishvili" presented three types of brandy: 8-10 years of aging "Sarajishvili VSOP", a 20-year old "Sarajishvili XO" and 70 year old "Sarajishvili jubilee"."Sarajishvili VSOP" and "Sarajishvili XO" were awarded with the gold medal, "Sarajishvili Jubilee" got the highest award of the competition - "Grand Prix".

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