Friday, July 6, 2012

Georgian wine to be sold in Mumbai and Goa

06.07.2012. Georgian wine will be sold in India's major cities - Delhi, Mumbai and the resort town of Goa. As the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Ia Janashia told Georgian radio, “Tbilvino", GWS ", “Wineman”, “Telavi Wine Cellar, "Khorblis Tsremlebi" and "Alaverdi Monastery Wines " will carry out  test sale in the Indian market.

The first test order from the Indian entrepreneurs Georgian companies are expected in September. A large Indian company “Tania Group" provides distribution of the products.

“Georgian wine export to India is gradually increasing, but it's still new and untapped market for Georgian wine producers. In 2011, "Askaneli Brothers" and "Tbilgvino" carried out export in India. But now we see a great potential that India will become growing market for Georgian wine in the long run, "- Janashia said.

According to “Askaneli Brothers” founder Jimmy Chkheidze, only a meager volume of their products is sold in the Indian market, the company names Ukraine and Kazakhstan the most growing markets.

“Tbilvino" also carries out a small volume export of wine in the Indian market. The company’s CEO George Margvelashvili notes that a period of popularization of Georgian wines in India is now beginning.

Note: In March, the Bollywood delegation arrived in Georgia after which in June 12- member Indian group visited the capital. The group working on the wine topic included well-known journalists, representatives of the exporting companies, the chairman of hotels chain association, managers of famous supermarket networks and marketing specialists.

As the Deputy Minister explains in a conversation with us, the Georgian cheese and honey export to the Indian market is also planned, but Janashia notes that export of this type of products into the Indian market is governed by the laws of the country. Therefore, Indian specialists will examine Georgian production first and after the appropriate conclusions it will be possible to hold specific negotiations.



  1. It is a very encouraging news . I just wish to add for the information that thru my company TABUNI GVINO , we are already importing GEORGIAN WINES and VODKA and CHACHA to INDIA since 2009. We started with Askaneli Brothers and now source from them, Tbilvino , Gomi and Bagrathioni. With good support from these all Georgian companies , we have single handedly placed Georgian Wines in best hotels and retail outlets in Mumbai and Delhi and starting in Goa from October 2012.We are also thankful to the ambassador of Georgia in Delhi HE Zurab Katchkatchishvili for his all time support. Georgian Wines are appriciated at every location we present and put on taste. We feel that Georgian Govt. should provide more support and incentives to Geoergian exporters to exlplore big markets like India.

  2. Many thanks for your comment! I wanted to add that we know about your company Tabuni Gvino, as it is listed in Hvino's List of Distributors of Georgian wine (see http://news.hvino.com/p/distributors.html).

    You are very welcome to cooperate with Hvino.com. Feel free to send us your news updates related to Georgian wine sales in India for free publication.

    1. Didi Madlobth. Yes we would send you updates on the developments and spread of Georgian Wines in India. Till now these are appriciated at each and every place , event and wine festival in India. Last week Georgian Saparavi and Mukhuzani were the special invitees in the 10th Annual Celebration Dinner of Delhi Wine Club. Georgian Wines have presence in MUMBAI , DELHI and GURGAON and going into GOA , ITDC Duty Free , PUNE and CHANDIGARH soon.

  3. Georgian skin contact whites could be very successful with Indian cuisine! - Look at how well they go with spicy Mingrelian dishes. Most of the time 'western European' wines just fight with Indian food and are normally overwhelmed, reds are often made to seem hot by the chili, at best, frankly they seem to just not do a lot. There is a chance for Georgia here. The market is small but it is developing.


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