Tuesday, July 3, 2012

China to Register Georgian Indications of Origin

02.07.2012. Georgia has started procedures for registering Georgian indications of origin in China. At the first stage, Georgian wine and mineral waters indications of origin will be registered, later Georgian cheese and agriculture products indications will be also registered, Sakpatenti, the national intellectual property center of Georgia says. Last week Sakpatenti and Trademarks Service of China concluded an agreement. The Chinese Government shows readiness to provide overall support to the process.

It is worth noting the European Union (EU) has already registered 18 indications of origins of the Georgian wines: Ateni, Akhasheni, Tsinandali, Gurjaani, Kardenakhi, Kakheti, Kotekhi, Kvareli, Manavi, Mukuzani, Napareuli, Kindzmarauli, Sviri, Teliani, Tibaani, Tvishi, Vazisubani and Khvanchkara.

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