Thursday, November 1, 2018

Another "first" Saperavi wine contest?

01.11.2018 (Hvino News) Georgian Wine Association (GWA) and National Wine Agency announced that "Saperavi's first international competition will be held on December 15-17 of the current year". The competition is supported by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture and the National Wine Agency. The head of the jury is a well-known British journalist and wine writer Andrew Jefford.

Hvino News, who organized the first international Saperavi contest "Saperavi World Prize" in 2017 (SapPrize 2017), is receiving letters from our readers and SapPrize contestants, who are surprised about GWA's statement claiming priority in organizing a Saperavi wines contest. In this connection, SapPrize organizing committee informed GWA as well as its member companies that it considers GWA's statement as misleading.

"In general, we do not mind that someone else is using our idea, as long as it is done in a civilized way, and not for profit. But by claiming priority GWA is making a mistake, since the first Saperavi international contest is a historical fact, and its huge success is well documented by wide international media and television coverage", - said Inge Olsson, representative of SapPrize. "We are concerned about the reputational risks which this irresponsible behavior may cause".

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Georgia) stated: "ICC, as the Georgia's largest business association, and co-organizer of Saperavi World Prize 2017, is deeply disappointed with this development".

Andro Barnovi, founder of Wine Artisans Association and a judge at SapPrize, said: "As a  member of jury 2017, I would add that this is a sick practice of this government's officials to privatize the ideas instead of helping good initiatives flourish - which would be their direct responsibility and function. We also remember how the wine agency tried to postpone and created all possible burdens for Saperavi 2017, including intimidation of the potential jury members. This is a sick practice and unfortunately not unique. We've seen similar behavior before and will probably see it again if everyone just keeps silence".

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