Sunday, May 13, 2018

Tbilisi hosted Second International Qvevri Wine Competition

12.05.2018 (Hvino News). The 2nd International Qvevri Wine Competition was held in Tbilisi on May 3-6. It was organized by the Georgian Wine Association with support of National Wine Agency.

The jury was chaired by Giorgi Dakishvili. Besides the Georgian experts it included Lisa Granik, Master of Wine (USA), and Philippe Lespy (France).

"This is the second International Qvevri Competition, and it was wonderful to see how the wine quality has improved. We can clearly see how dedicated Georgian winemakers are to make their wine coincide with international standards and ensure that they are listed among the world’s best wines," - said Lisa Granik.

The award ceremony of the winners will be held in about a month's time, according to the organizers.

The first International Qvevri Wine Competition was held in September 2017 during the 4th International Qvevri Wine Symposium in Georgia. For more detail, see: Winners of First International Competition of Qvevri Wine revealed

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