Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Georgian wine is still little-known in Europe

02.05.2018. Georgia believed that an agreement on free trade with the European Union would be a great incentive for the growth of Georgian wine exports to Europe and the country will overcome dependence on the Russian market forever.

However, in reality everything turned out to be quite differently - according to the Caucasus Research Resource Center, 63% of Georgian winemakers say the new terms of export to the EU didn’t affect their business.

Winemaking experts say the problem is that Georgian wine isn’t well known in Europe and to compete with large and eminent countries is a very difficult task for Georgia.

At the same time, many winemakers still hope that measures to popularize the country and wine will bring results.

In developed countries the recognition of the product and the proper information are of primary importance. Experts advise winemakers to take care of the quality of their products, and only then about the quantity.

Georgia has not yet managed to use the export opportunities to the European Union and Georgian products - primarily wine - still continue to follow well-studied and well-trodden path to the former Soviet republics where low prices are more important than high quality.

Winemaking experts and marketers believe that Georgian wine cannot yet compete with other inexpensive wines exported to Europe, and should seek its niche in the middle and expensive segment.


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