Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two Western Georgian wine tastings turn into "supras"

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A supra is an important event in Georgia. It combines food, wine and people. The leader of a supra is a tamada. The tamada makes toasts, then everyone drinks. A tamada is not resigned to just one toast, but may make several toasts. Our last two wine tastings in Western Georgia turned into supras.

Our tasting at Dadiani Old Cellar in Salkhino consisted on two wines and chacha. The wines were a 2012 and 2013 Ojaleshi. This winery is run by Orthodox monks. During the tasting there were several toasts made. As soon as your clay vessel ran low on wine, it was filled. There was a small  qvevri in the center of the table, so an abundance of wine was available to drink. Different foods were set on the table. We toasted God, the visitors, love among others. Conversation flowed even though Georgian had to be translated. Wine, food and friends is a magical combination.

Our next day we visited Lado Shavishili’s Wine Cellar in Keda. Lado conducted our tasting in the tasting room. Afterwards he asked which wines we enjoyed the most. He took those wines and chacha and proceeded to an outdoor table area that was set up for a Supra. Lado’s wife brought several plates of food for us to sample while he kept our wine glasses full. Lado started the supra with a toast to God. We then drank chacha and Lado confirmed that the men were drinking chacha correctly while the women needed to work on there chacha drinking skills.

Lado made several toasts including God, visitors, the beautiful weather we had, our friends and relatives that have passed away and our children and grandchildren. Even though we were on a schedule, we did not want to leave. Again wine, food and friends was magical. When we finally left, we were two hours late and off-schedule. This defined perfectly the time zone we are in GMT (Georgia maybe time).

Of the thousands of wine tastings we have participated in, our favorites are degustations. Supras are a high form of degustations. They provide a time for reflection, poetry and to cherish the things that are most important to you.


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