Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The head of NATO Liaison Office in Georgia sits on ICC-Georgia Consultative Board

19.03.2014. The Georgian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, ICC-Georgia is pleased to announce that the Head of the NATO Liaison Office in Georgia, Mr. William Lahue, has become a member of its Consultative Board.  "This is a very positive step to further the improvement of the business and economic climate in Georgia through having NATO permanently informed and involved in our activities, this will give NATO increased awareness of business and economic issues helping them better understand the realities on the ground to make well informed decisions, " said Fady Asly, Chairman of ICC-Georgia.  The NATO Liaison Office Staff will be also be involved in other ICC- Georgia activities as well.

The ICC Consultative Board is the only body of its kind in the business community in Georgia, consisting of eight ambassadors and three major international financial institutions.  The purpose of the Consultative Board is to bring together members of the diplomatic and business communities on a quarterly basis to discuss the business and investment climate in the country.  The issues raised are subsequently advocated to the government through a multi-pronged approach by the ICC stakeholders to effect positive change in the business and investment climate.

The International Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization in the world that includes more than 6 million businesses and 12 thousand chambers of commerce.  ICC consults regularly at the global level with the G8, G20, the World Bank, WTO, WCO and the UN. In Georgia and beside regular companies ICC includes 15 major business organizations.

ICC press release
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