Monday, June 4, 2012

Listen to BBC Food Programme on Georgian wine from London

04.06.2012 (Hvino News). Today the Britain's BBC radio broadcast features Food Programme, which extensively covers Georgian wine recently presented in London. You may listen to the radio broadcast by clicking here.

Simon Parkes reports from the London International Wine fair to discover the latest trends in the wine industry. Two 'natural wine' festivals took place in London alongside the larger London International Wine Fair. The Real Wine Fair and the Raw Wine Fair aimed to publicise natural wines that keep chemical inputs when making wines at a minimum. All three wine fairs in London featured Kvevri wines. These are wines made in the traditional Georgian way. The whole grape - seeds, pips and even the stems are placed into a giant clay pot which is then buried for several months. Winemakers in Georgia have been making wine in this way for around 8000 years. It is believed that wine originated in Georgia.

Simon meets wine producers from emerging wine producing countries  to taste the wines that could soon be hitting the supermarket shelves in the UK. He also samples wines with a lower alcohol strength to discover if it is possible to produce wines that taste good without the high levels of alcohol. The Food Programme reports on two festivals focusing on 'natural wine': wines made with a minimum of chemical input to find out whether natural wines are now becoming more established in the UK wine market.

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