Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Kindzmarauli Marani": After the Russian market opens our revenues will dramatically increase

02.06.2012. Director of "Kindzmarauli Marani" Dimitri Lebanidze gave interview to Kommersant.ge:

- Georgia’s Prime Minister announced at the "European Foundation" conference that the opening of the Russian market would be one of the main priorities within the next 4-5 years [read more]. Will the government’s decision change the situation for the Georgian wine companies?
- I hope that the Georgian wine will return to the Russian market and I don’t doubt that steps made in this direction will be positive for the wine sector, because the market is powerful. Awareness of Georgian wine is high on the market as well as demand is great.

"Don't drink Georgian wine!" 
(a 2006's wall calendar from 
"Komsomolskaya Pravda")
- Much time has passed and, of course, the new companies entered the market, is there any interest from Russia to Georgian wine?
- There is interest, of course. Russian distribution companies, which are interested in export of Georgian wine, do contact us, but so far the situation has been unclear. The market is still closed for Georgian wine.

- Will the Prime Minister's statement lead to any changes in relations between the relevant agencies of the both countries?
- As the Prime Minister made this statement, a dialogue between the agencies will presumably start. In particular, the relevant bodies of Georgia should work on the issue of launching negotiations with [Russia's] Sanitary Service.

- What will the entry into Russian market change for your company?
- I'll say directly, it will sharply increase sales, because before the market closed approximately 50 million bottles had been sold from Georgia. This is a very big figure. Therefore, not only for “Kindzmarauli Marani", but for other companies, which operated in this market until 2006, the sales figures will increase dramatically.

Source, Hvino News

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