Friday, June 15, 2012

"Georgian wine industry was not able to find a replacement for Russian market": companies do not trust Russia

14.06.2012. Despite the announcement of the government regarding Russian market’s strategic importance, a part of Georgian companies do not trust Russia. Recently Georgia’s Prime Minister announced that opening of Russian market for Georgian wine is among top priorities for the coming years (read more here).

According to "Nabeglavi" [a mineral water brand] manufacturer, they prefer to concentrate on the existing partners who are from countries with a stable economy. The company's founder says that they will work on development of export to EU and Central Asia and will try to maintain customer’s confidence on the local market.

Tbilvino, the largest wine exporter, believes that the Georgian wine producers will focus on Asia, and will be able to fully replace the Russian market. In addition, the company’s head  notes that if Russian market is to be opened, it can be used as well. In his words, Georgian wine industry was not able to find a replacement for Russian market, however, Tbilvino managed to double sales after  the Russian embargo.

According to the company’s management, interest and demand for Georgian wine is still high in Russia, but in the case if the Georgian companies return to the Russian market  it  will take a long time  to return to previous level of sales.


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