Thursday, June 28, 2012

Georgian wine for India: "Khareba", "Teliani Valley", "Tbilvino"

26.06.2012. Winery Khareba company suspended negotiations with the Indian side, Teliani Valley and Tbilvino are still conducting negotiations to expand to Indian market, - reports Commersant. The Indian delegation arrived in Georgia to shoot the film “Billa 2” and initiative on bringing Georgian wine to Indian market came up in the framework of their visit. The Indians held negotiations with Georgian wine companies. Winery Khareba's director Zaza Gongadze said their talks were suspended, while talks with Teliani Valley and Tbilvino are continuing.

According to Tbilvino's CEO George Margvelashvili, they are already involved in exporting to India and after the Indian delegation's visit they began negotiations with another company. Margvelashvili notes it is right moment to make Georgian wines popular in India. Margvelashvili underlined that the company has a unified export prices and is operating in India with these prices. Teliani Valley has not exported wine to India but the company says they are conducting negotiations as well.

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