Thursday, May 3, 2012

Georgian wine gets English news website

Author: Andy Morton

02.05.12. An English-language online news portal covering wine produced in the country of Georgia was launched yesterday (1 May). Hvino News will create a single source of information on the Georgian wine industry in English, the website said. Access is free, with the site offering assistance in preparing and editing material. Hvino is the Georgian word for wine.

Georgian winemakers have been under pressure since 2006, when their biggest export customer, Russia, banned Georgian agricultural produce. In May last year, the country signed a deal with the EU to recognise each other’s protected geographical indications for wines and spirits. Georgia's protected names include Akhasheni, Gurjaani, Manavi and Tsinandali.

Expert analysis: Wine in Georgia
In Georgia, there is a significant difference between casting wine (wine in bulk) and wine packaged in bottles. Although it is often the same wine, the difference in price to final consumer is rather considerable. The price of bottled wine exceeds the price of wine in bulk some three times. Therefore, local consumers see a large difference between wine in bulk and bottled wine. If the former is intended for everyday consumption then the latter is usually purchased for holidays, gifts, or...

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